Universal Cattle Guards

Perfect for industries, agencies, or individuals who cross livestock grazing lands, including:

Ranchers & Land Owners

Construction Companies

Tower Installation Industry

Pipeline Developers

Land Management Agencies

And Many More!

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A mild speed hump, slowing traffic but still allowing much more EFFICIENT ingress and egress to projects and pastures than continually opening and closing gates!


Traditional cattle guards create a gaping pit in the road for vehicles to crash into if stolen. With a pitless cattle guard, serious injuries and liabilities are avoided.


✓ No added concrete expense!
✓ No heavy equipment needed to dig a hole and set the guard!
✓ Less man hours and equipment to install!


The unique cattle guards from Outlaw Industrial, LLC, are easily re-locatable; they can be taken project to project or donated to the land owner for public relations.


Who We Are

Universal Cattle Guards

Outlaw Industrial, LLC fabricates and retails portable, pit-less cattle guards; an awesome option for today’s conscientious land users.

Our headquarters is located in Globe, Arizona, and our product is fabricated in the Phoenix metro area for convenient shipping throughout the United States, with customers from California to Pennsylvania.

About Us

Environmentally Friendly

Limiting Impact on Wildlife & Landscape

Environmental considerations, clearances or remediation may be a challenge! Universal Cattle Guards require no digging a pit and no concrete vaults poured or set in the ground. Since no significant ground disturbance, and no new habitat potentially created for ENDANGERED SPECIES to take up residence, this becomes a more RESOURCE EFFICIENT option than traditional guards. Post project remediation is simple since no concrete vaults; simply pick up and go leaving the landscape pristine.

How to Order

Award Winning Design

Universal Cattle Guards

All of our cattle guards are fabricated with pride by competent craftsmen, using only the best materials to ensure premier quality to our customers. Our award-winning cattle guards are perfect for a wide variety of industries and professions, including land owners and ranchers, pipeline developers, construction companies, land management agencies, tower installation companies, and many more!

Our Design

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