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A mild speed hump, slowing traffic but still allowing much more EFFICIENT ingress and egress to projects and pastures than continually opening and closing gates!


Traditional cattle guards create a gaping pit in the road for vehicles to crash into if stolen. With a pitless cattle guard, serious injuries and liabilities are avoided.


✓ No added concrete expense!
✓ No heavy equipment needed dig a hole and set the guard!
✓ Less man hours and equipment to install!


The unique cattle guards from Outlaw Industrial, LLC, are easily re-locatable; they can be taken project to project or donated to the land owner for public relations.

Therese Griffin Hicks, Cecelia Abbott 1st Lady Of Texas, Jill Wilson

Award Winning

Cattle Guard Design

• Universal Cattle Guards are made of SCHEDULE 40 NEW STEEL PIPE, of various diameters, and arranged for ease of vehicular crossing.

• Because Universal Cattle Guards are designed to sit directly on flat ground, the HD4X model easily meets the HS20 Load Rating of 16TONS per axle.

• Because they sit on the ground requiring no pit, NEPA Environmental issues are all but non-existent.

• Our load rated Universal Cattle Guards are certified by a professional engineer (PE) who is licensed in all 50 states.


of our revolutionary design

When setting up, chains which are included are used to wrap around the existing gate posts. They act as a barrier and also help protect against movement of the guard which is all but non-existent. When road materials are pushed up to the approaches, ascent and descent are much smoother and the dirt helps keep the guard where it is set.

Award Winning

Cattle Guard Design

The Universal Cattle Guard is remarkably simple in design yet as effective as old-style cattle guards at deterring livestock from crossing. Our cattle guards meet the demanding requirements specified for State and Federal Agencies including DOT, BLM, USFS, NP, and the US Military. They provide years of heavy duty service in commercial applications as well, including mining, timber, and petroleum production.


• Universal Cattle Guards are designed to sit directly on flat ground, which renders virtually unlimited support for vehicles to cross.

• The unique design of the side guards allows them to fold out on a hinge from the base of the grate, making it very easy to set up between various widths of gate openings.

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Cattle Guard Models

Both Models Are Designed for Lower Speed Dirt Roads Only. Not Designed for Paved Surfaces.