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Q. Don’t these guards move when someone drives over them?

Surprisingly the fact that a vehicle tire is so much larger in diameter than the first pipe contacted the initial force is downward from the vehicle tire, stabilizing the guard in place… not pushing the guard forward. Some folks push up a little road material to the edges which also makes them smoother to cross. The chains on the side guards help hold it in place as well.

Q. Don’t these fill up with debris or mud now and then?

Not as often as we thought they might. Rains help remarkably well to clean them out. But if they do get filled, it takes about 20 minutes and a chain to drag the guard a few feet and re-set. Very easy to maintain. Much easier than getting heavy equipment and lifting out old style grates set over pits and shoveling when they fill up.

The Big Benefits

Of Universal Cattle Guards

  • Easy Installation: no Pit To Dig! Or Concrete To Pour!!
  • Easy & Cheap Maintenance: 30 Minutes & One Truck! – All that’s required is hooking a chain to the guard and dragging it a few feet, then re-setting it in its desired location. Any debris or mud falls out easily with the dragging action.
  • Humane: No More Unnecessary Loss Of Animals!! No Broken Legs!!!
  • Low Cost: Purchase & Installation Costs are Less Than Old Grate And Pit Cattle Guards!
  • NEPA FRIENDLY: Environmental clearances not needed!  Since there is no pit, there is no place for critters to take up residence, and no realistic archeological issues since the roads have been previously cleared and it sits ON TOP of the ground.

Eco-Friendly & Humane

Yet Still Effective

Because The UNIVERSAL CATTLE GUARD is set on top of the ground there is minimal depth for an animal that might test it to fall through and badly injure themselves. Especially good for areas with occasional snow that completely covers ANY kind of cattle guard.

For those areas with lots of snow, we have ranchers who move the guards to the side in winter months so blading their roads is easier, then they re-set the guard when cattle are ready to go back in in the spring. Saves them hanging up equipment on grates the can’t see.

Don’t Let This Happen!

Who Wins?

Universal Cattle Guards Offer Advantages for:




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