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“We tested the cattle guard with the horses this weekend. They would not cross and would barely approach even when Linda tempted them with a scope of grain. The most aggressive, Do-Se-Do, stood about a foot off and stretched as far as she could to reach Linda on the cattle guard but would not come closer. When she actually hit the first rail with her hoof, it spooked her and she ran off. The others would not come within five feet. We placed ground cloth under the guard to keep grass from growing up through the rails as it is in a yard not on a roadway. That would probably be the solution if we have to put one in a cultivated area otherwise, I see no problem. They have lifting eyes on each end and can be picked with a 5T crane or rough terrain forklift without a problem.”

Jim Collins – Past VP, Forbes Bros Powerline Construction

We put these on our ranch on a road to test constant heavy duty truck traffic. They performed REMARKABLY WELL and we are very pleased with the product! Our livestock managers also moved them to a few other pasture locations for cattle management and they were very pleased with the guards as well. We will certainly buy UNIVERSAL CATTLE GUARDS in the future as our needs warrant!
Bobby Cocanougher, Pecos, Permain Basin Area, TX

Oil Field Road Test


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Very pleased with my UNIVERSAL CATTLE GUARD! Easy to off load and install! Not the usual way to off load (driving trailer out from under guard anchored to customers truck) but worked fine!!
Doug Cardell, Tucson, AZ
I’m very satisfied with my Universal Cattle Guard.
Mike McCauley, Williams, AZ

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